Monday, April 6, 2009

More Stuff

The weather has been beautiful in San Francisco the past week and today is no exception.
I  have yard duty at my boys' school today. I actually enjoy yard duty. I am glad that I can be there and hang out with them and watch them play. The kids are all great kids at the school, so it is actually a joy...especially on a beautiful, sunny day, like today.

I wish I had a full-time job, though. Friday is my oldest boys' birthday. He turns 13. He both wants and needs things. He wants rugby jerseys and some shoes and basketball items. I have probably mentioned more than once, that he is on a traveling rugby team and basketball team. His rugby team is apparently quite skilled. I did not know much about rugby before my son joined this team. Sometimes it is difficult to watch my son play as there is no protection other than a mouth guard. It is a very physical game. He loves this game and is quite good at it.

I have been measuring him against my height, almost obsessively lately, knowing that he will pass me up any second. Well, I don't know exactly when it happened, but he is about an inch taller than me. Maybe more. He is loving it! It was so funny, we were looking in the mirror, and he was lording over me how he was taller than I am . Then  he shows the biceps he is working on from all the push ups he is doing at basketball practice. He is so proud of his muscles (it is really pretty cute to see him show his little guns) and then announced how his muscles were bigger than mine. So I pulled mine out....mine were pretty good, too. I warned him that even though he is taller, I can kick his butt (even if I haven't gone to the gym in a couple of months).

So much to do before his birthday and Easter. I  have to come up with some cash to purchase gifts and make Easter baskets. I think the two younger boys would be sad if I did not have Easter baskets on Easter morning. I don't know about dying eggs this year, but if they really want to do it, we will find the time.

I can't believe that Christiaan, my oldest, has a league game (bball) on Friday and a tournament scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. They will try to make all of the tournament games for Saturday, but otherwise, he will have to miss the (Easter) Sunday game. He has never missed a tournament game on the basketball team. 

I think I will go out and enjoy this lovely day. I know we could use some rain, so hopefully someone will wash their car today!

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