Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blogger ate my post again!

Ok, I can take a hint!
Blogger is trying to tell me something, huh? Yesterday I wrote a whole post, hit publish and went on my way, thinking all was well. I ran off to yard duty to enjoy the kids and the last day of sunshine for a while before the rain hit.
When I logged back in I realized that blogger not only ate up my entry and spit it out....where, I don't know!
Doesn't really matter. I realize...I don't care.
Yikes. That is kind of bad. Or maybe it is kick back. Either way.

Anyway, I think I was just kind of going on about how my oldest boy is turning 13 on Friday and that I am just not ready for it. I am wishing I could turn time back a little bit. I do love each age and stage, but damn, time goes by so fast. My Mom warned me about this! 

Christiaan has turned into this amazing young man. I have always been  very proud of him, but, oh I don't know. He is a an A student, always getting first honors, which makes me proud, but more than that he is kind. He has heart. When I hear about how he looks out for his friends, I know he is becoming the kind of man I had hoped he would be.
Not that I think he needs to protect everyone,  but  he does....he just does. I keep hearing about this one kid who picks on other kids and Christiaan always steps in to protect those whom he bullies. He will not allow him to hurt anyone...not when he is around. 

Our school is pretty small, we have one class or each grade, it is K-8. We have approx 35 in each class, give or take (Catholic school) so it is kind of like a little family. These kids end up going to school all 9 nine years with the same kids, for the most part. My boy has branched out and found so many friends from other schools as well as from his Club basketball team and rugby team. It has been really something watching this kid blossom socially. 

I think being shy, as I am, I always worried that I would be a bad influence on my kids. I have worked very hard at not letting them see how shy how I am and not letting it influence who they are. It is painful being shy. I don't want that for them. It took me years to overcome it and sometimes it creeps up and bites me still. My youngest one can be shy. I just think he was born that way. I don't think I had anything to do with me, except, maybe whatever part of personality maybe be inherited.

Oh my, I do go off on tangents. If I am like this now, what will I be like when I am old?

Anyway, I have been thinking about my son so much this week. He is now taller than I am. I am not sure when that happened, but I think it just happened in the last week or two. 
His voice is getting even lower than it already was, which is something. He was born with this husky little deep voice and now he is getting this REALLY deep voice. 

All of my boys are growing so fast, but Christiaan is going to be applying to high school next year. High school goes by in the blink of an eye and then they are off to college. 



Hit 40 said...

I am not sure what happened to your blog? This has not happened to me.

Try clicking on edit posts to find the missing one. You might find it there as a draft? Or, you may need to change the date under post options? Maybe, you scheduled it by mistake.

I have been at it about 3 weeks. I still haven't learned all the tricks. Keep at it!!! I love blogging.

Oh... and my oldest boy is turning 14. He has about 5 more inches to catch up to my height.

Dirk said...

I've had that happen a couple of times to posts. I now hit save before publish so that if Blogger chews it up it will still be there as a draft. Interestingly enough I've had this happen to more than a few comments. Wonder if Blogger is owned by AOL?????